Classic equipment available & my bad year (2019)

In 2019 I had a major health incident, if curious see link below.

Since I do not anticipate being able to drive any time soon, we will be
selling our fairly large country home and getting a much smaller place
in the city (where there are busses).

Over the next year (or two depending on how it goes), I will be setting
or otherwise offering the results of 30 years collecting.

The list below is TEXT (.txt) files. Use the back button of you brower
to exit back to this menu. Updates are shown with a date code (eq:
191009 is November 9, 2019 - Search the date code in the .txt files to
find the changes.

Prices may be set, This is mostly to let you know what is available
and I plan to research (happy for assistance in determining value)
and post prices where possible. If no price is shown and you are
interested in an item, let me know what it is worth to you and I will
pick the highest offer sometime in 2020.

  Details of what happened to me in 2019
  Classic systems/equipment for sale
    191109: Added PDP-11s, KIM1, EDB9301, MMT-85, S100 & FloppyDrives
    191110: Added Nstar Horizon, BigBoards, S100, Altair Disks
	191121: Added pricing (see FAQ), MOD8 CPU
  Other high-tech equipment for sale
  Other material for sale
  Frequently asked questions

Note that my commercial site "" and associated email'
addresses expired while I was in hospital and we have been unable
to contact EMON to get it back.

I will update these documents as I get more information.
I also have A LOT of other material to dispose of, and will be
adding it at time permits.

Dave Dunfield

It may take me a few days to respond.

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