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I have been involved in the development and certification of a number of financial terminal applications. The photo above shows some of the terminals which I have worked on. The PC screen is displaying the main application view of a TRANZ-330 simulator that I have developed (the large white area represents the printer paper).

Much of my work has been with TRANZ terminals. TRANZ terminals are unique devices which represent significant development challenges. I have prepared a separate page documenting my experiences with and tools that I have developed for TRANZ terminals.

Some of the applications which I have developed include:

EBT Retail Terminal

This is a point-of-sale terminal for processing EBT (Electronic Benefits Transfer) cards. Implemented on a Verifone Tranz330, the EBT terminal has many "modern" features including multiple printout reports, configuration menus, statistics logging, user/cashier administration and more

EBT Voucher Clear Terminal

This is a TRANZ/TCL terminal application which handles the clearing of EBT vouchers submitted by non-electronic retailers through a clearing house. It is unique in that it has the capability to dynamically assume the identify of the submitting retailer, and maintains log records and statistics for each retailer. Otherwise features are similar to the EBT terminal above.

Debit/Credit POS Terminal

This is a TRANZ/TCL application which implements a full Point Of Sale terminal supporting Debit, Credit, EBT as well as proprietary cards. Replacing an existing application, this terminal added many updated features including: support for more cards, enhanced printout reports, administration and configuration menus and more.

Coupon Redemption Application

This TRANZ/TCL application is used to validate "coupons" for an internet edition of a popular television game show. The communications protocol was based on an XML format common to internet applications rather than the BASE24 formal traditional to TRANZ/TCL financial applications.

Stand Alone POS Capture Application

A custom TRANZ/TCL application developed for use in a remote situation where the vendor did not have access to a network connection, this application performs sale entry, capture of the customer card information, and printing of a receipt. The customer manually clears the transactions through his PC software after returning to his working location.

Network POS Interface

This job involved modification of an existing dial-up application for a Verifone Omni3200 POS terminal to interface it to a local network through an RS-232 serial concentrator.

High-End POS Terminal

Operating as a member of a small team, DDS is involved in developing the applications and support software to launch a high-end Point Of Sale terminal currently being introduced into North America.

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