Dunfield 6809/CUBIX

This is a 6809 based portable machine that I designed and built in the mid 1980s. This machine is a complete home grown design. The main logic board is constructed with wire-wrap.

The design uses a 68B09E CPU and 68B45 video controller operating synchronously on a single memory bus without wait states. The entire system operates on a single 14.75 Mhz crystal, which provides the video dot clock and is divided down to 7.37 Mhz for the CPU, and 1.84Mhz for the serial ports. Other devices in the system include 54k of RAM, 8K System and 2K character generator ROMs, three serial ports (2x6551 1x6850) and a Nec 765 diskette controller.

Software for the system is also my own creation. The operating system is called CUBIX, and features a powerful command shell, flexible file system and over 100 system calls. Applications include line and text editors, APL and BASIC interpreters, a C compiler, resident 6809 assembler and debugger, an 8080 simulator, a full featured HELP system, and many system utilities.

This system is documented in detail with interior photos etc. on my classic computer website.

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