There is an issue with Long Filename compatibility under DOSBOX.

DOSBOX does not use the "short" versions of Long Filenames generated by Windows, instead it generates it's own names when it loads and scans a directory.

This is often - but NOT ALWAYS correct. For example:

Under windows command shell, perform:

	echo 1 >Longfile1.file
	echo 2 >Longfine2.file
	echo 3 >Longfine3.file
	del Longfile2.file

As expected, this leaves two files, which are:

	Long-Name		Short-Name	Content
	--------------		----------	-------
	Longfile1.file		LONGFI~1.FIL	1
	Longfile3.file  	LOJGFI~3.FIL	3

Now, if you run DOSBOX and look, you will find two files:

	Name			Content
	----			-------

Note the discrepancy between the Windows short name vs the DOSBOX name of the file containing '3'.

For this reason you cannot trust DOSBOX names for long filenames to be the same as the Windows short name, and for the DOSBOX names not to change from time to time.

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