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ImageDisk is a program which allows you to read, archive and recreate virtually ANY format diskette that can be accessed with the NEC 765 compatible diskette controller in an IBM PC type machine. ImageDisk performs an analysis of each track, and records detailed information about the disk format in the image file along with the sector data. ImageDisk has many options, and can handle a very wide variety of diskette formats. I use ImageDisk primarily to archive odd-format 5.25" and 8" diskettes as part of my activities in preservation of early microcomputer systems.

A companion program IMDU (ImageDisk Utility) allows you to extract a detailed track by track report on the format and content of a disk image, as well as to merge multiple partial images into a single complete archive. IMDU can also convert disk image files into a raw binary dump of the disk content. A second utility BIN2IMD allows you to construct .IMD images from raw binary sector data, allowing you to create images - and physical disks from other sources.

The Software Factory

This is a complete system that I designed to handle my mail-order embedded development tools company. The package performs order entry, prints invoices and report, maintains a detailed customer/order database, and automatically manufactures software packages on diskette using a Victory Autoloading disk system.


Xdisk is a simple command that I created to read PC format diskettes into a file and rewrite them. Xdisk has the ability to format and write the target diskette in a single pass, making it a very quick and easy way to archive and recreate a PC diskette.

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