WINtools and Duplicate File Management

Here are some useful windows tools that I have recently written:

WHY? Over the course of my career I have collected a LOT of files. Backups, useful software, documentation and a lot more. Years ago, I pretty much gave up keeping track of it all, and began just "filling drives". I was thinking that it would be OK as long as I kept it, because one day I could organize it.

That day has finally arrived... but I have DOZENs (possibly 100's of drives which over the years have been copied/replaced with larger drives (mostly 500G to over 1TB units) and as it turns out, there is a LOT of duplication.

These are some tools I wrote to help finding and managing duplicates in a very large file collection. They have proven so useful that I tidied them up a little and am publishing them here. Hopefully you will find them as useful.

NOTE: These are WIN32 console programs. They run from the command line and read/write information as text files. This imposes the least restriction on how you can control what they look at and interpret the information produced.

If you are uncomfortable with using the command line, don't know what a text file is, prefer pretty (and proprietary) output, then these are probably NOT tools you would find useful.

Also note: These were compiled with LCCWIN32 a windows port of GCC. Not having written the compiler, I cannot speak to the quality and reliability of the executables. LCC uses a "replica" of the old TURBO-C console video functions which are not nearly as capable as the text windowing library in my MICRO-C/PC. There are also some issues which may affect these programs:


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