Much of my software was written in the fairly early days of personal computers and runs under DOS. This was great back in the day, but 16-bit DOS software is not supported on modern 64 bit computers.

There IS a nice solution! The DOSBOX project provides a nice DOS compatible environment on modern systems.

I recommend you use my DOSBOX - this is the "Megabuild 6" version which has enhanced serial/networking support, except that some things have been setup for you, and the executable has been patched to use "DOSBOX.INI" as the configuration file name instead of "DOSBOX.CONF" - This avoids a compatibility issue with Windows "Long Filenames".

My DOSBOX does not have to be installed, simply copy the DOSBOX directory from the DOSBOX.ZIP file to a location on your hard drive and run the DOSBOX.EXE contained therein.

My DOSBOX automatically mounts a C: drive as the C subdirectory in my DOSBOX distribution. The DOSBOX home directory is mounted as Y:, and Z: as always references a drive generated by DOSBOX.

To run my software under DOSBOX, either copy the software to the DOSBOX\C subdirectory to make it appear on the C: drive, or use the DOSBOX 'MOUNT' command to make another directoy containing the software to appear as a new drive.

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