The DOSBOX project provides a decent DOS compatible environment on modern systems. Note that stated intent of the DOSBOX development team is running DOS games, and they have no real interested in creating a DOS for any other use. As games are among the most challenging of applications, this means the DOS compatibility is excellent, but the DOS environment itself has some limitations on things not generally needed for gaming.

I recommend you use my DOSBOX - this is the "Megabuild 6" version which has enhanced serial/networking support, except that some things have been setup for you, and the executable has been patched to use "DOSBOX.INI" as the configuration file name instead of "DOSBOX.CONF" - This avoids a compatibility issue with Windows long filenames (See ReadME file for details).

To run my software under DOSBOX, either copy the software to the DOSBOX\C subdirectory to make it appear on the C: drive, or use the DOSBOX 'MOUNT' command to make another directoy containing the software to appear as a new drive.


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