Dave's DOS Tribute

Much of my software was written in the fairly early days of personal computing and runs under DOS. This page is my personal tribute to DOS.

Using and running DOS applications was great back in the day, but 16-bit DOS software is not supported on modern 64 bit systems. Being somewhat of a DOSHEAD, I've found a pretty nice solution! DOSBOX!

As a point of interest, this entire page and site were developed in a DOS environment.

DOS was a big change, not so much because of the software (other simple command line operating systems, such as CP/M, TRSDOS and others paved that path), but because it was for the then-new IBM PC, and more specifically the Intel 8086 CPU family. Everything up till then was either very expensive, or very limited because of 8-bit processors. The 8086 was a readily available 16 bit cpu at low cost, and a whole system based on it could be built with a handful of chips (I made several homebuilt 8086's). It and the IBM PC were the beginning of a new era in personal computing.

This is a collection of various DOS software that I have created during the course of my career. It is by no means complete, partly because I just haven't located and organized a lot of it yet, and partly because much of what I have done over the years was developed under contract and I do not have rights to publish.

This section will expand as I organize this material, so if (for some weird reason) you find it interesting, do check back in from time to time.

Please accept my apology, I know the timestamps of most of these files won't make sense. In keeping with the DOS theme, I've done a lot of this site work under DosBox which does problems with timestamps (COPYing a file will give the current time, which cannot be updated).

I may also include some third party programs I have found to be particularly useful or interesting, which will be clearly marked as "third party".

In many cases, clicking the size will take you to a more detailed description. of a file content.

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