DOS Software Information

Emulators are PC hosted siumlators for various old computers. They are fully functions and let you experience actually using these systems:

ALTAIR   - Mits Altauir 8800 8080 S100 (first personal compter)
H8       - Heathkit H8 8080
HORIZON  - NorthStar Horizon Z80 S-100.
MOD8     - Microsystems International Limited 8008
PIMPS    - Homebuilt
D6809    - My own 6809 based "CUBIX" system

Some of the EXTRA/useful tools I wrote while producing this archive:

AHREF   - Generate summary of links in .HTM files
CCC     - Easily edit/compile
CHT     - make C help text smaller
CL      - Canned Library
CSLD    - C source library #define maker
CWL     - Check Web Links
HTB     - HyperText Builder
HTL     - HTb Link list builder
LD      - List Direcrory - easy way to view documentation
ND      - Easly step to Next subDirectory
VSB     - View Strings in Binary file
WCMD    - run commands on Windows from within DosBox
XDV     - Easily examine/view files in an XDIR/C listing.
XL      - eXpress find strings in a LOT of files.

eXpress utilities are some of my PC utilities:

XC      - Compare/View text files\n\
XF      - Find string in files
XM      - Match/Compare files with matchable names in different paths.
XS      - an easy way to Switch to different directories you often use.
XT      - Treesearck find files from your current dir in other places.
XV      - Binary file viewer

ImageDisk Disk Imageing Tools

Is software I created to archive floppy disk images (mostly of classic
   systems). The .IMD format is well reguarded and supported by many classic

Various WIN32/64 tools & utilities:

VLT     - A port of my VLT (View Large Text files (8m lines)
EDT     - A port of my EDT editor.
FDF     - Find Duplicate Files  (1st attempt)
DFF     - Duplicate File Finder (better version "")
BDA/EDA - Tools to manage "Daves Archive" (optimal when duplicate data)
CMPTREE - Compare two complete directory trees
SDIR    - Dir command with small/concise output

Daves Distribution File Checker - validate my posted software.

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