Third party tools that work with Micro-C:

Here are a number of PC/DOS assemblers and linkers that I have found to work (at least to some extent) with Micro-C.


TASM is/was a commercial product under copyright from Borland International. The company is no longer in existance, the software contained herein is long considered obsolete, and for many years what remained of Borland make it available for free download at:
- -- (this website appears to like Borland, no longer exist).
I also see that it and some other newer Borland products are available for download from a number of sites which do not appear to be related to Borland. For these reasone and because the other truly free assemblers and linkers I have tried are not nearly as good, I have made it available as part of this archive. Anyone holding rights to this (or any of the third party software I've made available), who do NOT want me to continue making it available, should let me know as quickly as possible.
If you download and use this software, please check in to my site from time to time and confirm that it remains available.

Until recently, A86/A386 has not been compatible with Micro-C, however the author has worked witm me and released (11/99) a new version which appears to resolve this problem. You must use A[3]86 version 4.04 or later.

JWASM does not support the standard INTEL/MASM syntax of: offset[index] which I (and my compiler) use extensively. I have created a utility to process the source and convert it to [index+/-offset] which is compatible with JWASM however it adds another step (and large temp file) to the compile process. Make sure JWAFIX.COM is included in the current directory or path.

The original VAL linker has a bug which prevents it from correctly linking Tiny model (.COM) files. I have corrected this. Note: the VAL source code is a bit "unique"!

FREELINK does not support a case sensitive option. This causes link errors in any (valid C) programs which have global symbols differing only in case. The FREELINK.EXE that I tested (11-08-92, 83663 bytes) can be patched to enable case sensitive linking by changing the 0x20 bytes at offsets 0x5B45 and 0x6803 to 0x00. I have provided FIXLINK, a program that will do this for you.

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