DVM - the Dunfield Virtual Machine

This is a virtual processor and complete system that lets you easily create and run simple but powerful programs "pretty much anywhere".

Why you might want to personally use it:

This will be useful to a lot of people for the same reason I originally decided to make it - you can write tools and utilities much faster and easier than with established development software for most modern systems, and you could possibly run your code anywhere that DVM has been ported to.

Other uses:

I had originally planned to just make this for my own use, but as it came together, I began to realize that there could be many other and commercial uses for it. I don't think anything quite like it exists.

If you have a product that could really benefit from a powerful "scripting" language, or any other ability to let users run code totally under your control. If you don't want to add one of the massive and complex tools that exist (java?) to your product, and if you don't like the idea of spending time and money creating (and testing) something new, please download the archive and check it out.

Download DVM

And more sample C programs you can build/run under DVM

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