Editors/Drawing/Layout tools


EDT is a small visual text editor that I created early in my career. I have since rewritten it in several languages and ported it to virtually every system I have ever worked on (It is NICE having the same editor everywhere).


DDSIDE is an Integrated Development Environment that I created as a companion to my Micro-C compilers and cross assemblers. This provides a nice visual editor with drop down menu control over all development tool options, and the ability to compile, load and debug from within the IDE. DDSIDE is tool independent, all configurable functions, features and options for the tools are defined in a .IDE control file.


SPRITED is a graphic sprite editor, which is part of the graphics tools included in the PC version of my Micro-C toolset. This program creates and edits sprite definitions as either binary or 'C' source code. It includes drawing tools, including block and clipboard operations. It also has a palette editor allowing the creation of custom colors.


MICROCAD is a tiny (12k) PC based graphical drawing package. It provides the basic ability to draw lines, rectangles, circles, arcs, and polygrams, and has the ability to incorporate previous drawings as single elements in a new drawing. It was originally created as a means of sharing schematic drawings among the Fidonet BBS community.

LCD Layout Tool

In my work of developing a feature telephone, I was responsible for creating a custom LCD panel. To assist in this, I designed a tool which allowed me to graphically draw the LCD segments and create a map of the layout, as well to visually see what the display would look like. Once the LCD manufacturer gave me the electrical mapping (pins to display segments), I enhanced the tool to generate a logical to physical map of the display, and to automatically generate the required character set tables. This tools also has the ability to simulate the display, allowing us to proceed with the user interface development weeks before the actual LCD prototype was available.

PC Remote Control

PC-REMOTE is a learning infrared remote control that requires no hardware other than a PC with a serial port, an IR LED for transmission, and IR phototransistor for learning functions. In addition to the learn/play functions, PC-REMOTE allows viewing/editing of remote control codes either by text (transition list) or graphical (pulse-train) means. This utility provides an easy way to archive/share remote control codes.

MP3/ID3 Tag Editor

EDITMP3 is an editor for the ID3 tags in MP3 files - it provides features to scan for .MP3 files, auto-import/export ID3 name from filename, ability to block-set Album/Author and more. I created it as a tool to easily create ID3 information on MP3s that I converted from my album collection.


Edit Long Filenames is a tool I developed to batch edit windows long filenames. It provides a screen display of the names, and allows you to visually define a template for moving, removing and replacing sections of the names. This template is then applied to the filenames and the results displayed. The user can lock all or some of the displayed results, and when he is satisfied with the new names he can commit the locked names to the files. This tool was specifically designed to deal with very long filenames of various media files which contained unwanted information in sections of the names.

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