First to be sold is my classic computer collection. Had hoped to turn it into a museum one day but that's not going to happen.

Much of the lesser systems in my collection have already gone, however these are what remains. This material is located near Ottawa Ontario Canada and is old/rare/fragile enough that I would prefer not to ship it.

Most systems have not been run in some time, but were working when last tried.

Some have full documentation and some are "just the system". Most of these can be seen on my "Daves Old Computers" website.

Some have simulators/emulators on my site, many of these are 16-bit DOS programs.

MITS ALTAIR 8800 (1975)

Installed S100 cards

Runs, can use front panel, appears to try to boot (accesses drive) but I have not found North Star boot disks. Should be able to make them because I created a simulator at one time with images of all the disks. I also have quite a few 10-sector disks from other systems. Most likely you will need to toggle in a simple serial loader through the front panel and send and run NorthStar-DOS - it knows how to format and write a disk, so you should be able to create a boot disk.

191110: Found disks! - Works & boots NorthStar DOS or my own DMT-80

Have original January and February issues of Popular Electronics which featured the debut of the Altair.

$10,000 This is an original Altair 8800 (1975), includes the Altair disk case with two SA-400 drives (1976) and a Leir Sigler ADM-3A terminal (1976).

MITS ALTAIR 8800 (1975)

Installed S100 cards:

Runs, can use front panel, can try to execute empty memory. If you add the NorthStar Disk controllers under S100 cards and patch the serial I/O functions, you should be able to get to a booting system as described above.


IMSAI 8080 (1975)

Spare front panel

Installed S100 cards:

Runs, can use front panel, execute but no code loaded.


191110: NorthStar Horizon (1977)

Installed cards:


MIL MOD-8 system (1974)E

Incomplete but much if it is there.
Includes MOD 84 ROM and MOD 8 5 RAM cards.

Have 5 proto boards that fit the backplane. I was planning to use to complete the system with these.

Have an Intel 8008 CPU. Was planning to build into a CPU card with a proto board.


Heathkit H8 (1977)


Commodore PET 2001 - original version (1977)


191109: Commodore/MOS KIM-1 (1976)


Apple IIplus (1979)

Installed cards:

Apple MAC Classic II (1991)_


2x Radio Shack TRS-80 Level II 16K (1978)

Includes 2 monitors and 3 disk drives.

$500 each

191109: 2x Digital Equipmt Corporation (DEC) PDP-11s

PDP-11 03 (1975) and PDP-11 23 (1979)
Not configured, but contains A LOT of expansion cards

$500 each

Micromint SB-180 (1985)


191110: 2x Ferguson BigBoard (1982)

Completely populayted not in cases

$100 each

191110: S100 boards:

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