What do you want for XXX?

Prices for most items are shown at the end of the listing. These are the best I have been able to determine that similar systems have sold for. I acknowledge that they are at the upper end. Feel free to make an offer but keep it reasonable. Anyone meeting my set prices will be able to receive the system quickly. Otherwise the best reasonable offer will be selected sometime in the coming year.

Note that I have already sent most of my lesser systems to local collectors. Those that remain generally represent the best of my collection. Many of these were obtained at considerable expense and effort. As I am no longer working, I need to recover as much from them as I can. I am not yet ready to give away the systems or dispose of them at substantial loss.

Will you ship the systems?

As I indicated in earlier postings, I'm not keen to pack and ship material. Part of that is because there very little packing material in my collection, and also because I have rather serious vision problems and wouldn't want to make a mistake in packing.

That being said, I know a lot of people are going to want items shipped. Here are some guidelines:

There are companies that do packing and shipping for you. An example is: www.shipbuddy.ca They will pack and ship various materials to you. If you want to use a service like this, you will need to arrange and pay for it.

I have a friend in Toronto who has offered to come and take systems to people at: VCF East in NL in April, or VCF MW in Chicago in Sept. He is also going to Florida at Christmas, taking the I75 down through Atlanta. I can put you in contact with him if that helps.

If no other option works than I can bring in some friends to help pack stuff. I will need to purchase packing material and I would need you to pay all costs up front.

What about XXX shown on your site, but not listed in sale?

Much of my collection has already gone. I am inventorying what remains and preparing the lists. If you don't see it it probably is no longer available.

Useful links?

My personal site:

- http://dunfield.maknonsolutions.com/index.htm

Current for-sale information:

- http://dunfield.maknonsolutions.com/sale/index.htm

My old-computer site:

- http://www.classiccmp.org/dunfield/index.htm

Backup of my former commercial site (good downloads):

- http://dunfield.maknonsolutions.com/dds/index.htm

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