Work Experience

This list was constructed from: Memory, some Notes, and Scanning my Archived files. It is very likely not complete.

2016-2019 Blue Systens

At Blue Systems I worked on the "DigitalAktiv 3", a smart streaming speaker produced for "Golden Ear". I did all of the firmware, including the operating environment, network connectivity, user interface, audio control and other features. I also was responsible for much of the custom test equipment used in the project.

1995-2016 Fortinet

Came to Fortinet as an employee when they acquired the TalkSwitch an insisted to have me. Did basically the same as I did on contract to Centerpoint, until Fortinet had their own Asterisk system ready, and cancelled the project. I left at that time.

1990-2019 Dunfield Development Systems

Owner and operator
Software developer
Contract services provider

As the founder of Dunfield Development Systems, I have been developing and
marketing software development tools for embedded systems. These tools
include C compilers, assemblers, disassemblers, simulators, debuggers,
communications, utilities and many other related software packages.

I also work as an independent software contractor. My range of experience
allows me to accept jobs of widely varying natures, however, the majority
of my work is in microprocessor based "real time" systems, and IBM/PC

1986-1990 Newbridge Communication Networks Corporation

Director of Small Data Products Development
Senior Software Engineer

Responsible for the continuing development of a line of small data PBX's
and statistical multiplexors. These were small systems with a line size
ranging from eight to fifty six ports. Originally developed as a part-
time project on my own time, the switches were later acquired by Newbridge,
and became the hardware component of their "MainStreet" line of desktop
networking systems.

1985-1986 Mitel Corporation

Software Engineer                                        1985-1986

Developed low level drivers and application library routines for the
interface between a unix based computer system, and a modern digital PABX.

1985-1985 Broadcast Holdings (CDN) Ltd.

Software Engineer                                        1985-1985

Designed and developed the operating system and control software for an
automated multi-point to multi-point interactive television network over
satellite channels.

This job was a "bail out" for a small company who had exhausted their
funding in a failed attempt to produce this system. I was brought in,
and given free reign to design and implement the system in a very short
time period. The system was delivered on time and working in less than
6 months.

1982-1985 Mitel Corporation

Software Engineer

Responsible for the design and implementation of the operating system
and applications software for a self contained automated PABX feature
exerciser and workstation. I was also responsible for the implementation
of related development tools on Mitel's VAX host computer system, and
software load generators residing in the PABX system under test.

This position was actually through my own initiative, I was originally
hired to write test case code for the existing FTS-II (Functional Test
System 2), and recognized that the system could have much more capability.
I discovered that another department in the company had built a disk
controller for a machine that used the same backplane, borrowed one, and
spent several weekends of my own time writing a disk operating system
and multitasking executive, which allowed the machine to perform far more
complex tasks than had been done previously.  When demonstrated to
management, this updated device was raised to an official project, and
I was assigned to work on it full time.

1981-1982 Northers Telecom Canada

Data Communications Software Specialist.
Performed software design and maintenance to Northern's SL-10 packet
switched data networks. I was primarily involved with binary synchronous
(BISYNC) and interactive terminal interface (ITI) protocols.


1978-1981 Computer Science

University of New Brunswick
Fredricton N.B.

1977-1978 Electronics

Cobiquid Vocational School
Truro N.S.

1976-1978 Acedemic High School

Cobiquid Educational Center
Truro N.S.

Technical Courses

1982 Microprocessor Interfacing

McGraw-Hill Seminars

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