Technical things I've done recently.

Currently not working, but I have been keeping fairly busy. Here is a somewhat imcomplete list of my technical acomplishments so far this year (early 2020):

Document Da3

At the request if my former employer, I spent about two weeks documenting the firmware I had designed over the past few years for the DigitalAktiv3 smart streaming speaker.

This website

Put together this website, which involved collecting and organizing lots of information.

Built several computers

Put together several computer systems out of old parts in my basement. Most of there are to give away to friends.

Updated homewatch server

Updated my homewatch server, adding a couple new cameras and sensors.
This server is a little system that runs 24/7 in my basement, and in addition to providing media access capabilities, it provides "homewatch" functions. It is the only system inside the house which can be accessed externally, and controls 8 networked cameras, as well as Temperature, Humidity and Wind Speed sensors. As long as I have internet access, I can connect to this system from anywhere in the world and check on how my house is doing.

Church Bulletins

A friend of mine had volenteer'd to make large wall hanging bulletins/posters for her church. She had only a photograph similar to what they wanted, and no information on the text font's used etc. She needed to make ones with different text and as near as we could tell it was a hand pained font. I was able to find and copy the needed characters and reassembled images having the words she needed. After than I projected the images full sized so she could easily copy them to posters.

DosBox extension software

These are software I've created to improve on limitations in the DosBox environment.
There are more details in my DosBox ReadMe

Published software

I've written a number of simple utilities that I have made available in my DOS tribute section. See New Dos(Box) tools in 2020.

Unpublished software

This is some of the software I've created in the past couple of months for my own use. Most of these are fairly simple utilities, but some are more comprehensive programs.

Shed Lifting

Back to looking for work.

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