These are people with whom I have recently worked:

Robert Johnston

Retired now, former owner and operator of "Blue Systems", an Arnprior company specializing in high-tech products, especially audio gear. Bob also designed the Talkswitch hardware, and worked with me at Newbridge.
Email key: $to$BOB

Glen Collie

Glen ran the technical deveopment team at Talkswitch and then Fortinet. I reported directly to him.
Email key: $to$GLEN

Scott Fouts

Runs "QED Wind Power" who was one of the main customers of our wind turbines and has now taken over producing them. I still work with Scott on related matters from time to time.
Email key: $to$SCOTT

Out of respect for these people, I have not posted their contact information on this public site. What I have done instead is to set up automatic email forwarding from this site so that you can contact them without knowing their email address. To do so, send email to my contact address with subject line beginning with the email key shown under their name.

Example subject: $to$BOB Inquiring about Dave Dunfield

Please note: This forwarding will make the message appear to come from my contact address, and will lose/hide your email address. To insure that they can get back to you, please include complete contact information in the email text.
Suggest: email-address and phone-number.

Back to looking for work.

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