Ability to "Get Places"

I do have a limitation on my ability to travel locally. I have degraded perpiheral vision on my right. It's not bad, I have to really look to even notice it, however it puts me below the seemingly recent (I've never been tested before) 120degree ministry requirement to drive, and I am no longer able to operate a vehicle.

I currently live between Carp and Almonte. There is no transit service here, so this limits my ability to "go places". We are looking into moving but this will likely take a while.

There is some good news. My wife works in Barhaven and can take me into the west end on her way to work. I can get to the Kanata Centrum bus station by about 7:00am and to one in Barhaven by about 7:25. She can also pick me up pretty much anywhere in the west end on her way home, which is usually around 4:00pm.

So I *can* get to the west end, but if I do I'm pretty much there for the day.

**NOYR**: This is the main reason I find myself soliciting work. I was working with a company in Arnprior and I simply can't easily get there now.

My preferance is to work from here. This is the way I operated most of my life (even when I could drive). I have a fairly well equiped lab and I do find that I can accomplish more, faster without interruption.

I can be effective remotely. I have a very good internet connection. I can communicate via numerous methods including: Phone, Email, Google hangouts, Skype, Whatsapp, Discord and likely any other electronic package you would like to use. Contact me to work out the details, I may need a little time to get it set up.

I can certainly make it in to an office one or two days a week (more if necessary), and am willing to consider a full time position.

Back to looking for work.

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